Morgan near Lake Arrowhead, CA

Morgan near Lake Arrowhead, CA

My name is Morgan and I have cancer.

I don’t particularly like the idea of being known as the guy with cancer, but that’s what this blog is about and so we’ll begin there. I’ve been a web regular for over a decade, so I have bio pages scattered all over the place. Chances are you’ll find some of them if you Google me the right way. For now, here are the basics.

About Me

Morgan and Kasha at Laguna Beach CA, Summer '05

Morgan and Kasha, Laguna Beach CA, Summer '05

I’m 36 years old, living in Phoenix, Arizona. Kasha and I were married on June 10, 2009. What people first notice about me is my height (6′5″), hands (huge) or eyes (blue).

(Although, if you met me without a shirt you’d first notice how hairy I am.)

Strub family in Crestline (Lake Arrowhead) California.

Strub family in Crestline (Lake Arrowhead) California.

I have a relatively small extended family that includes (with in-laws) –

3 mothers and 2 fathers
2 brothers and a sister
4 nieces and 2 nephews
2 aunts and 5 cousins

I love my family and friends immensely.

I also really enjoy travel, camping, hiking and outdoor meetups. I began hitchhiking at age 16 and it still plays a big part in my life. See the hitchhiking site, digihitch.

Besides Phoenix and Flagstaff, I’ve lived in Austin, Texas, and Portland, Oregon. At this point I’d love to move back to any of these places. (Not a big fan of Phoenix. I feel I’ve served my time.)

About My Blog

This blog was created to detail my daily life as I learn to deal with cancer. It’s a way for all my family and friends to get the latest info on how I’m doing, and also a place for others to benefit from whatever resources I gather or insights I find along the way.

Thanks for reading. You’re welcome to create an account so you can comment on posts. And feel free to share this blog with anyone you think might benefit from it. Cancer is not a pretty subject, and I attempt to be as honest as I can when relating the physical and emotional issues that arise. Due to the fact I’m drugged around the clock now my writing is going to suffer for it at times. Bear with me if you can.

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